As the founder and owner of Exact Carpentry & Handyman Service, I bring over 30 years of experience in the carpentry trade. I began my education in 1980 at Maritime Yacht Shipyard and learned the profession of a Boat builder/ interior designer.

With a solid foundation, I continued to deepen my experience at a small craft workshop, Stefan Brzezinski, from 1984-88, where I honed my skills in utility furniture, construction carpentry, and methods of maintenance and installation. Since starting my own business in 1988, I have provided high-quality production for individual and commercial customers in a wide range of carpentry services.

Having worked in Gothenburg, Sweden, for 24 years, mostly for one large company, Stena Line, I have been involved in the internal renovation of their ships from 1994-2004. In 2018, I moved to Melbourne, where I continue to uphold my principles of real craftsmanship that have stayed with me throughout my career.

At Exact Carpentry & Handyman Service, I am committed to providing my customers with exceptional service and honest, reasonable pricing. Whether you are in need of commercial or residential services, I offer a wide range of services, including custom carpentry, furniture design and construction, maintenance, and installation. I invite you to take advantage of my experience and contact me today to schedule a consultation.