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Booking & Appoitment Cancelation

I am trying to meet the customers expectations and improve the possibility of booking a date in the short or medium time period. This system will significantly improve the possibilities and, above all, speed up activities related to the organization of work time. Everyone will win. Customers will benefit from this, the insight and transparency

New Application Estimate Calculator !

  The fresh estimate calculation application is created for customers who would like to quickly know the cost of work. There you can easily make your choice and know the price. The Estimate calculator does not contain all the prices for the works, but it gives an insight into the construction. The prices given are approximate,

Hello World ! Finally homepage is ready.

Welcome to our new homepage. This is my first post. A period of long planing has become a reality. Finally page is ready. The present world is built a little differently than it was, when I took my first steps in carpentry. Back in past, then only a few had a mobile phone, and contacts

Keyboard navigation

There are many different ways to use the web besides a mouse and a pair of eyes. Users navigate for example with a keyboard only or with their voice. All the functionality, including menus, links and forms should work using a keyboard only. This is essential for all assistive technology to work properly. The only

Template: More Tag

This content is before the more tag. Right after this sentence should be a “continue reading” button of some sort on list pages of themes that show full content. It won’t show on single pages or on themes showing excerpts.

Template: Excerpt (Defined)

This is a user-defined post excerpt. It should be displayed in place of the post content in archive-index pages. It can be longer than the automatically generated excerpts, and can have HTML tags.

Template: Excerpt (Generated)

This is the post content. It should be displayed in place of the auto-generated excerpt in single-page views. Archive-index pages should display an auto-generated excerpt of this content. Depending on Theme-defined filters, the length of the auto-generated excerpt will vary from Theme-to-Theme. The default length for auto-generated excerpts is 55 words, so to test the